Spoken Word

*a spirit lead writing by: Derek Zielinski

Holy is the name of God,
Greatness abounds in He that carries this name.
King of Kings & Lord of Lords.
To the highest honor we praise.
Sacrifice our worship in times of need,
to praise the Holy One of Israel.
For You are Holy in power and righteousness,
lift your name on high oh God.
Your sons & daughters salute you,
with a holy kiss, I bow to Your thrown.
In the Heaven's and the Earth,
I see Your Glory filled masterpiece.
Through He it was created.
I shall pray this prayer.

No longer for He is forsaken,
placed on the highest of high.
The One and Only,
The beginning of all that is, was and were to come.
Before Him,
with honor, pride and humility,
That He is our King.

Among men He was nothing,
but a prophet and a pauper.
A King of Kings shackled to a cross,
to die a death no one had seen before.
Nor shall they ever see again.
For He was among many,
Bore the sins of the world,
and in each strike of the reed
He called out your name.

"Jezebel" He cries
"Your hearts have forsaken Me,
You turned your backs to Me,
as if I never existed.
But I do exist, both here and now,
before your eyes you have seen,
the miracles on a day to day basis.
It is I who created the light
that shines in you.
It is I that fueled the strength.
The power to overcome."

Both Heaven and Earth bow down at your thrown
and cry out "Holy is the Lord."
You came to the cross in wicked hand.
By our feet you were thrown.
We trampled You.
We spit on You.
In a trashcan sort of way,
we tossed You aside.
Forgive us Lord.
For we know not what we do.
For we have been mislead
by those before us.
Nurture our souls Jesus
and forgive us,
our Faith is weak,
and we do not know fully Your name.

You are the King on the thrown.
You are the Savior on most high,
and the One we are to adore.
Believe in us,
we need You.
Now more than ever.
A King to take His thrown
and lead the new army of believers.

The King of Kings is returning.
To claim His Crown
from the one who stole it.
In words and actions,
he seized his opportunity
and perverted the minds of the pure.
The self righteous have remained kings
in the land of false rulers.
Those who need not, less they have not.
Kings who sit on thrones of money
and garbage.

Thieves and Criminals
He is returning
Crooks and Crooked Ones
He is returning
Rejoice Jerusalem
and all of it's followers,
For your King is returning.
He is coming to make you whole,
Second nature to none.
He will make your pathways straight
and narrow is the road to find Him.
Believe in Him,
and the One who sent Him.
For the spirit is a strong Guidance.

You shall believe in your days to come
that this is to be true:
"You will turn your backs in hate, with hate.
For my followers have failed to connect,"

says the Lord,
"But be sure,
I will raise up this new generation of radicals,
to which you have never seen.
Those who will love and understand,
as I do.
Think and Praise,
as I do.
Be one with Me, as I am with you.
Be with you all of My days
as I am with you,
forever and ever Amen." 

The King is with you in Spirit,

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