A Vision Dream

This is my explanation and description of a dream I had 11.9.10. I believe this to be a vision dream because although I was an active part of the dream, I had no control over my atmosphere and situations. In most dreams I believe we can control some sense of what is happening, and that I believe keeps it a dream and not something of a vision, something with a deeper rooted meaning of sorts. I have not examined this dream to much. I'm not sure it is suggested for my life or I may just be the messenger for someone that should receive it. I hope you enjoy.

The Wedding

It was beginning to be sundown. I walk into the hotel room of a Mountain Ski Lodge in which the guests are all checked in. In the room I see a woman and her child gazing out the window into the wooded banks on the backside of the mountain. A few others grace the room as well including a dark haired gentleman, clean cut, business looking fellow, with a winter sweater on. The sun gazes into the window with this warm glow on the mother and child's face. The woman asks aloud "They look like meteors don't they?" Looking at her little boy, "They almost look like they are headed straight for us." I walk over to the window and look over the shoulders to see a stream of Hot Air Balloons coasting into the snow covered mountain side for landing. As they coast into the resort, the massive balloons eclipse the sun, making for what looks to be, glowing balls of fire. "That does look like meteors huh?" I spoke out loud. You could feel the moisture on and chill on the window as we looked out at the skiers randomly coming down the slopes. "Well it's time for me to head down," I said as I headed away from the window towards the door.

I then find myself at the grand entry way to the chapel. This massive room is nothing short of stunning. The doors look like they came straight from an old Victorian Castle. The vaulted ceilings had to easily be almost twenty something feet tall. Slanted from left to right with the old English style exposed support beams, connecting to the ten foot vanity windows, that like the rooms windows, overlooked the heavily wooded mountain sides. No skiers or ski slopes on this side though. Just the breath taking overview of a Pinewood forest and what seems to be left of the autumn's golden leafed trees. As I enter further into the Chapel I stare in wonder at the architecture. These beautiful pearly white walls climb high into the ceiling. The church benches are finished in a fine golden reddish tint. The floors are carpeted with white and pink carnation print carpets. The stage was white marble and decorated for such an occasion. A huge wreath sat to the left of the stage. Beautiful white roses and carnations made up the great sight. People had already arrived. To the left, most of the family and friends had filled their side of the chapel. To the right, not as full, but still a fine collection of family and friends. All the people spoke amongst one another. Then in a sudden moment, the Bride herself stand in the front of the isle and turns towards the back of the church. Making her way down, stopping by each person to give them a thanks you and a hello, she walks gracefully. Followed by her brides maids, they are headed to get ready for the wedding. Not once did I think to myself that it may have been nontraditional to see the Bride before the wedding. I was thinking to myself, 'How beautiful is She.' My eyes began to sting at her beauty. The white on her dress began to glow as if the presence of an Angel was in the room with us. Her hair curled up and pinned in place. This was not even what was to come, I had yet to see the final outfit. For this was only her practice dress and attire. The final gown was yet to be seen. I then disappeared in a flash, 'I must get ready.'

I find myself now a quick, long stride walk towards my own personal dressing area. Just through a dining hall and off to the side. i was dressed in a casual button down shirt and slacks. Nothing like the groom is supposed to wear. I was to get dressed, and get ready for what was to come. I entered this dark closet like room. Bigger than a walk in closet, but smaller than a full size bathroom. It was decorated with a stand alone sink and an large oval mirror just above. No real lighting in the room. In fact I do not ever recall turning on a light. As I begin to get dressed, I hear a voice from outside my room. I look out to see my Father, dressed to the fullest in a matching tuxedo holding forward a hanger with my shirt on it. The pure white tuxedo shirt I am supposed to be wearing, not the now flattened, dingy button down I currently have on. "Thank you, can't believe I forgot this," I exclaimed. "You almost ready?" my father asks me in an impatient tone. "Almost." I snap back, "Wait here a moment and I'll be ready to go."

I step back into the dark dressing room. I put the tuxedo shirt on, and throw my crimson tie around my neck and half way tie the knot. Tuck it into pearl white vest and grab my comb. My hair had some palmade already to go from the trip down, so I quickly pulled my comb through my hair, tossed it into the sink. Then peaking my head out the door, looking at my Father I tell him, "I'm on my way, let them know ." He turns and heads back towards the Chapel and out of sight. I look briefly around me in the dining room to notice it is beginning to be filled with clothed tables and decorations of sorts. A large Gothic mirror now sits on the wall just outside my dressing quarters. As I look into the reflection of myself, I see how messy I have made myself. My hair has fallen from position, my tie is balled up like a pair of socks fresh out the dryer, my slacks sag like I was wearing jeans at a concert and worst of all, I have buttoned my beautiful white tuxedo shirt right over the top of the button down dress shirt I had been wearing before. Needless to say I was in a frantic hustle. I dart back into my dressing room and begin to rearrange myself. All the while remembering I need to hurry. I take off my attire and replace it back to my body properly, keeping a loose tie till the end. I tuck in my shirt, adjust my pants and tighten the waist, slip on my shoes, pull down my vest, and with a snug pull, correct my tie into place. I open my jar of palmade and add a bit more to my hair. Now making sure it will stay in place, I follow my comb with the flat of my fingers. A few pulls through and I am done. I glance into the mirror, "There we go," I expressed joyfully. 'Now let's get going.'

I turn to the door in a controlled panic of sorts and push it open, only to be vividly surprised. What was an empty dinner hall when I started getting ready, has now turned into full stocked, medieval feast, with residents and guests packed to the gills. Eating. Drinking. Carrying on in a merry manner. I see to my immediate right of me, my brothers and their family with a few select friends and people I did not know. "What are you doing?" I ask aloud, "Where are your tuxedos?" Looking at each others tuxedos, then back at me, "These are them, the ones we were given." I was quickly confused. They were not in the groomsman tuxedos that were to match mine. Black tuxedos, pearl vests, crimson ties and cuff links, and beautiful white shirts. " This is not right, those tuxedo's are completely wrong!" I was getting more confused. They wore Black jackets with a mint olive colored cumber bun and bow ties. The complete opposite of what i was wearing. "And why are you in here eating and not in the Chapel?" I fumbled my words. "It's been called off," my brother tells me with a sorrow look. I then notice they all stare at me in disappointment. In frustration I turn away and dart from the room.

I enter a grand hall, much like that of an auditorium, minus the stage. Two floors. The bottom floor where I stand is blank. The upper balcony holds the guests, and those who chose to come see what was to soon happen. As I look for a way out of a room, the hall doors spring open, and what looks to be a Nutcracker style marching band enters. Five soldiers wide, and what seems to be a never ending line of them. They filled the hall in seconds. All the while I stood there like a sore thumb, dressed in my tuxedo, standing between these fascinating band members. Dressed in vibrant white marching jackets, striped with red chords and blue accents. Hats as tall as I could see. And instruments that sound with a power that makes your chest thud. On any other occasion I would have watched for hours. But right now I was trying to find the Bride. I began to panic because every attempt I made to find a door was quickly interrupted by the bands change in march or direction. I was denied an exit multiple times before they came to a stand still. "Come wait over here," called out a soldier. "We will be still only for a moment, then when we begin to move towards the center of the room, you dart back here, there is a door that is unlocked. It can get you out of here." He then focused his attention forward, away from me, as if by telling me what he did, he would have been dismissed from the order.

I stood in a holding position for what felt like forever. But must have been a few seconds. The band then makes it's way to a new formation in the center of the room at which point I turned my back to them and quickly exited the hall. I now find myself in a darker, club style room. Tables of people everywhere, enjoying what seems to be a more casual style food and drink combination than what I had seen with my brothers. As I begin to walk around the room in search of the Bride, I see no ones face. I cannot make contact with anyone to possibly ask questions. Then from the back corner of the room, I can see a bridesmaids stand and walk towards a table. I hurry over to maybe get some information from her. She sits with friends and fellow bridesmaid's. As she turns away from the service table with her food in hand, she looks up at me. Her eyes are very unsettling, almost with a undertone combination of disgust and disappointment. She is dressed down in a cocktail dress and some accents. With a sharp glance, she looks through me, as if to point me in the reverse direction. I turn completely around and notice Her. Sitting alone in a private area, almost like a VIP section. But with no body around. Her hand supports her head from falling to the table. She too is dressed down now. The angelic white gown has been replaced by a drab Cabernet cocktail dress. Shoes may not have even been on. I did not take notice. Her hair falls from the pins and decorative curls once seen earlier today. As I walk towards her, I begin to feel excitement. I have found Her. I was a few steps away from Her when she looks up at me. Her eyes swollen from tears. Her make up no longer on her face.

Our eyes meet and she instantaneously gets choked up. 'Oh no' she mixes between a sudden sudden cry and saddened words. She grabs her face with both hands and drops her head away. The sight of me still in the tuxedo has taken her heart away. I grab her shoulders and guide her head up. I move her hands away from her face. Her tears cover her cheeks. Her eyes are bloodshot and swollen. The sadness in them is heart wrenching. The redness goes unseen because of the back light coming from behind her table. The whole room disappears to me. I have not come to realize that in all my effort to get dressed and present myself to her as her Groom, I have taken the entire night to get ready. The sun was on its way down when I left the room to head to the Chapel. I did not realize now that the day has made it's way all the way to the early hours just after midnight. For each time I fumbled my steps, I back stepped even further away from my focus. I did not realize that I was making Her wait, and wait, and wait some more.

"I want to marry you," I say joyously. "We can do this, just me and you, let's go right now, before everyone!" I hold her shoulders, and press my forehead to hers. I try to comfort her, still not realizing my mistakes. She fights back some tears, and stares at the table in front of her. With a hollow, heartbroken voice she pushes out her quiet words, "It's to late, I can't do this . . . "

I disconnect from the body and begin to see the groom standing there holding her tightly, as he finally realizes his transgressions. He too begins to tear. While My view gets wider and wider of the scene before me, a strong and clear voice speaks from behind me, "You are too late, Your focus on yourself was for to long. It has passed."